There's A Snake In My Boot

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I kinda just hate life

I feel completely worthless, like I don’t even matter.  And I’ve felt this way before, but now it’s different.  I really hate to say it’s all about the girl, but it is; I’ve loved her for two years, she’s been the only reason I get up in the morning (just to put it simply).  And when I had her, I finally felt important.  I felt like I mattered.  I was finally number 1 in someone’s eyes.

But now I’m not number 1, despite everything she says.  I’m back to where I was before, but it’s worse because I lost what little I actually had.  I don’t think I’m important to anyone really.  And maybe I’m just oversensitive I probably am but still, I hate how unimportant I am, how I’m not special to anyone.

And I hate that I still love her.  Every day, it kills me a little more.  And I try to get over her, I focus on the things that I hate.  But most of the things that make me hate her are why I love her in the first place.  I like normal people because they’re easier to deal with, but her; she’s a freak.  She is the weirdest person I have ever met, full of annoying little quirks and defects, and she is just so strange.  Completely unlike other people I know.  She is so far from perfect, it’s not even funny.  And that’s exactly why I love her.

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